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Rancidville the Comic

Rancidville the Comic published on No Comments on Rancidville the Comic

As I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I am working on a personal project of making a Comic Book. The name of this sequential art piece is Rancidville. Currently I have the entire story scripted in thumbnail drawings (although certain aspects of the story seem the change daily) and I have drawn a number of pages (these too have changed).

I intend to make each and every page its own unique piece of artwork by drawing, inking and then coloring it by hand. I will use software to do color corrections and possibly change the saturation of colors, as well as possibly move panels if they flow better later on – but for the most part the pages should remain unchanged from when they are completed by hand to when they are finished in their final form.

I will also add a page for the comic on my site and post the pages there as they are completed. Eventually I intend to have a dedicated URL for the comic – but that is down the road.

Below is the VERY FIRST page of Rancidville.



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