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Pointillist Indy

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1981 was an exciting year for me. I was 10 years old, in the 5th Grade and Raiders of the Lost Ark had just opened at the neighborhood theater.

It is funny the hallmarks of our life we remember and treasure – this happens to be one of mine. Raiders was the first movie I was allowed to go to by myself (which is crazy to think of today, a 10 year old and his 9 year old cousin walking 1.5 miles to see a movie alone – but it was very common 33 years ago) and  the local theater (in 1981) had loose restrictions on “parental Guidance”. It cost $3.25 to see the movie (which equates to about $9 today) and it took my cousin and I searching for and saving recycled bottles (which you could get 5 cents each for) to be able to go. We collected about 200 bottles over 2 weeks and then got to go see one of the most amazing movies EVER (for a 10 year old – or even now at 43 it was and is inspiring).

Needless to say, my cousin and I had a blast. We saw the movie 5 times before it left the theater (which is a lot of recycled bottles), and I watch it every year now with my son (along with its prequel and sequels).

So, as I was feeling a bit nostalgic for that time, and the character of Dr. Henry Jones, which prompted me to make it the subject of one of my first serious pointillist pieces.

It took a combined total of 8 hours to complete.

It is on 9 x 12 Canvas Board in Letraset Markers.

Approximately 96,000 dots are represented on the canvas.

Indiana Jones (Indy08232014)




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