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Pointillism published on No Comments on Pointillism

I have experimented with many different mediums and techniques recently, but it all leads back to developing a consistent style, a genre of art so to speak.

Twenty-plus years ago – I made a series of pictures (Black and White) for my grandmother of her favorite flower (Amaryllis) in pointillism. After that, I have not done much with the style. So, recently I decided to return to my roots in art and develop additional techniques – primarily in pointillism.

Georges-Pierre Seurat called it Chromoluminarism (because his dots were solid colors that when placed next to each other would mixed to a new color optically), and it can be called Divisionism – I just prefer Pointillism myself as a description of what it is I will be doing.

I intend to reformat some pages on this site to move my current comic style art to a new page and have a gallery dedicated to pointillism.

With that said – the first color test piece is below. It is small, 5×7 on Strathmore 300 Series paper and Letraset Markers.

I plan to make future pieces much larger.



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