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Fine Art versus Comic Art

Fine Art versus Comic Art published on 2 Comments on Fine Art versus Comic Art

I love doing comic art…funny scenes or characters entertain me.

I also enjoy doing more serious pieces – though I have not done many lately.

The creation process is what really excites me, and learning new techniques always challenges my abilities. Recently I have been getting a newsletter from a gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. The newsletter is part of on online course of sorts that helps artist fine tune their perspective on the artwork, the market, monetization, consistency and presentation. I have a long way to go before my work is ready to be in a gallery, specifically I have no true finished pieces that I would consider worthy of such and I think I lack consistency in style at the moment (since it is mostly comic art – although there is a place for that).

To this end I did an experiment yesterday with some Letraset Markers on 300 Series Strathmore paper – the goal at this time is to achieve more realism in my work. The result is below.



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