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Sometimes people ask me to do pictures of them. The first question I always ask is “do they want a portrait or a caricature”, there is a huge difference.

A caricature pokes fun and highlights the individuals physical characteristics (and if you are lucky to know they person you can mix in a bit of their personality).

A portrait of course is just that, an exact representation of the likeness of the person.

I love doing portraits and caricatures, but I am always hesitant to do the latter because of my fear of offending someone with my representation.

Luckily, I can pick and choose who I do pictures for.


Recently, a co-worker asked for a caricature. They saw some of my work and wanted a picture done. I was of course hesitant, but after assuring me they knew which features I was going to highlight and were excited to see my result, I acquiesced.

Luckily, I think it turned out okay, and the person loved it, thus it all worked out this time.

So, without further verbiage, AMY:


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