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Artistic Failures

Artistic Failures published on No Comments on Artistic Failures

When building a brand, you need to show ONLY your best materials, so artists, like most people, only want you to see their strengths.

Their failures…not so much.


How many artists post their uncompleted or failed attempts – or even their learning process?

There are a lot of process videos and blogs – but they all seem so polished- or time lapsed – making the novice sometimes discouraged that their end result looks nothing like the tutorials – even when followed to the letter.

Art I think, like any skill is developed over time. I am not a believer that it is pure talent. It is a skill that a devoted craftsman hones over years of practice.

Most of us are not privileged to look into the process of our favorite artists and see their failed attempts – their frustrated efforts or their learning process. All we view is the completed AWESOME work they are doing

That is typical human nature – we want to show ONLY our best because it feeds our desire to build our world view perception around how great we are.

It also is fed by society, where the competition is so great for exposure that we cannot show our weaknesses for fear of losing leverage.

We ignore all the hard work it took to get to this point (no one really sees that part), which I think then provides an unrealistic expectation to the beginner.

I am not a novice when it comes to art (drawing, painting etc), nor am I a master at anything I do. I like to think that my artwork is worthy of consideration by others, but most of the time I am unhappy with the results.

I do however think that the process, the journey (to be a little cliche) is what makes the artwork hold value.

To that endeavor I intend to show pieces I have been working on that are failures…but within the failure is learning, and that holds incalculable value to what may be the final pieces when completed.

So, here is the first of many failures (Letraset Markers on 300 Series Strathmore Paper)

This was an attempt to draw exclusively with the makers with no pencil detail to start with.



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