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I have been following an amazing artist and storyteller by the name of Jason Brubaker. The first comic I read by him was reMind, it has an amazing story and artwork in it and really kick started my desire again to tell my own stories (currently his site for this is down – but check back to it often and when he fixes it you can read the whole story).

I then got his book Unnatural Talent which basically took his blog from reMind and expanded it on the self publishing journey and making web comics (this is a must read I think for anyone serious about doing their own comic on the web with aspirations of self publishing).

Now he is working on a new comic called SITHRAH (you can read the story so far for free). He is also running a Kickstarter campaign to print the first book of Sithrah in hardcover and is calling for artists to submit artwork based on his characters.

Chosen pieces will be printed in his book and all submissions will be shown on his site Sithrah and on the kickstarter site.

I couldn’t resist – so here is what I am submitting



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